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Independent Cutting Supply. Your one stop shop for automated cutting system consumables and equipment. Contract cutting, drag blades, round blades, automated cutter replacement surfaces, pressurized pens, overlay plastic, and perforated paper.



We can guide you down the path to automating your cutting room or sourcing material processing services.

Which path is right for your company?


Contract Cutting?

Die Cutting?

CNC Cutting?


With so many choices and companies out there trying to convince you that their material processing methods are the "best ", how do you select the right method and sort through the pushy sales people?  Give us a call!  Each of our customers has a unique and specific goal when they come to ICS for guidance, and we have the expertise to help them chart the smartest course regardless of material or product.  From furniture to armor, we can assist with any size project and offer unbiased advice on equipment and manufacturing techniques.

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