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Independent Cutting Supply. Your one stop shop for automated cutting system consumables and equipment. Contract cutting, drag blades, round blades, automated cutter replacement surfaces, pressurized pens, overlay plastic, and perforated paper.

Drag Blades, Round Blades, Rotary Blades, Tangential Blades



Tired of paying too much for cutting system supplies?  We offer the solution...with a few extra perks!

ICS specializes in manufacturing cutting system blades specific to any application.  If you already own an automated cutting system give us a call to see how much we can save you!  We also offer a unique supply subscription service that is tailored to your specific equipment and consumption rates. Don't ever run out of blades or let a cutting surface shut your production team down again!  We'll take care of the planning while you do what you do best.


28mm round blades (rotary blades)

45mm round blades (rotary blades)

30 degree drag blades (tangential blades)

45 degree drag blades (tangential blades)

55 degree drag blades (tangential blades)

Custom pitch drag blades specific to your material needs!

Custom blade harnesses and coatings!

Static cutting system tops such as Porex®, Porvair®, DuraPanel®, Lexan®, and others

Urethane Conveyor Cutting Belts in a variety of materials with customized perforation patterns for the application

Overlay Plastic

Underlay Paper



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