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Independent Cutting Supply. Your one stop shop for automated cutting system consumables and equipment. Contract cutting, drag blades, round blades, automated cutter replacement surfaces, pressurized pens, overlay plastic, and perforated paper.


We offer a full line of cutting and material handling equipment tailored to your manufacturing process.  ICS equipment offerings are not limited to what we display on our website and we ecourage you to contact us to inquire about your specific needs.

Eastman, Gerber, Pathfinder, Autometrix, Zund, Lectra, Carlson
Automated Cutters (new and used)

We partner with a number of suppliers in the industry and can help you source any type of cutter for your facility.  


Single Ply Systems

Low Ply Systems (multi layer) 

High Ply Systems (up to 10cm material stack)

Thick material / High Definition Cutting

Laser Cutting Systems

CNC Routing Systems


We can help you select the best equipment for your needs, and provide prove-out testing to take the guesswork out of the real word impact automation can have on your business!

Material Handling

From storage to delivery, we have you covered! ICS can help you with material flow in your manufacturing process and provide a wide range of equipment specific to your material handling needs.


Vertical Storage

Fabric Spreading Systems

Fabric Stacking Systems

Needle Detection Equipment

Material Racking

Cutting Room Tabling

Spreader Tabling, in any width or length, with or without vaccum.

Frame digitizer, granite measurement, bimini tops, awnings
Software and Measuring Solutions

Whether you need high end 3D fashion simulation, or real time measurement gathering in the field, we can help.  We offer a wide variety of software, as well as supporting digitization and measurment equipment, to assist with pattern creation and storage.  Our software selection can literally take you from field measurements to finished product in a fraction of the time most companies currently employ.  From boat tops to granite countertops, our measurement systems can help guarantee the job is done right the first time! And our software can help you maximize material usage, provide real time cutting solutions while adding seam allowance, or other needed design modifications, automatically.

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